Pankaj Jairu of Far West Nepal awarded, Excellence in Leadership Award by American University

Panakj Jairu of Dhangadhi , Far West Nepal has been honored with Excellence in leadership Award by St. Cloud State University Minnesota for demonstrating outstanding leadership efforts and for making significant contribution to St.  Cloud State University and its communities. He received the award in a ceremony organized at St Cloud State University Atwood Ballroom Minnesota on the 18th of April 2021.

Pankaj Jairu  has been awarded the prestigious award which has a history of 33  years. This award is given to students who excel in campus and community leadership, academics and campus community involvement. Pankaj worked with the Minnesota Peace Project and was selected by Amazon web  Services Inc. as AWS educate Student Ambassador for St. Cloud State University for his innovative and resourceful nature a community builder mentality and , and tech savviness.

Speaking to Morning Bell Daily published from  Dhanagdhi in  far West Nepal, Pankaj said,  I am truly honored to receive this award , I owe  to my professors ,  my parents for helping me to evolve as an individual and inculcate qualities of a leader. I believe in the Gandhian philosophy of “ be the change you want to see in others.”  I think peace and justice are intrinsically linked.

Back home in Nepal Pankaj‘s parents  Bhim Bahadur Jairu and Haripriya Jairu are in a jubilant mood. They celebrated their son’s achievement by distributing sweets to neighbors and Pankaj ’s friends.  Pankaj ’s father says my son is a  true leader, he has worked hard to achieve this level . My son ensured his elder sisters received good education. I alone could not afford the education of my daughters, it was Pankaj who worked extra hard to support their education.  He always emphasized that his sisters have to be empowered in all respect.

In his recent visit to Nepal Pankaj interacted with legal empowerment Practitioners, Justice activists community leaders on how internet technology could be used to empower communities. Recalling the meeting one of the participants Krishna Nepali says Pankaj had shared his insights on use of Information technology for empowering rural communities . He had said, the pandemic had posed a challenge to adopt innovative ways of doing community service and human rights work. IT could prove crucial in organizing and educating communities.  Pankaj had mentioned that he would offer any help to pursue activities related to Sustainable Development Goals in Far West Nepal.

Pankaj is currently working as Network Systems Engineer with Federal government of United States of America.


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